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Chesapeake VA General DentistsAt Modern Family Dentistry, we are excited to offer custom-made nightguards for our patients. If you suffer from chronic bruxism (tooth grinding) and clenching, it can lead you to have many other problems. Custom-made nightguards are a great way to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of these nightly habits. Did you know you must protect your nighttime protection?

Protecting your nightguard is easy. Keep this saying in mind: “When it’s not in my mouth, it needs to be in its case.”

Did you know that your nightguard is a tempting chew toy for your dog? For some strange reason (we don’t know why) your dog loves your saliva. When you take your nightguard out in the morning, its covered in your enticing saliva and your dog will search it out. It also is a perfect size and texture for dogs to enjoy chewing. Protect your nightguard by keeping it out of reach of your pooch.

When you are given your custom-made nightguard you will be issued a case for it. Use it! Get into the habit of “setting it so you won’t be forgetting it.” When you form habits of use and storage you are maximizing the life and integrity of your mouthpiece.

Your nightguard can protect you from jaw pain, cracked or broken teeth and general discomfort if your sleep is interrupted. Protect it so it can protect you! Contact Modern Family Dentistry today to discover how a custom-made nightguard can protect your precious teeth from harmful nighttime habits.

Source: Bruxism Night Guards for Teeth Grinding & Clenching | American Sleep Association

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