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General Dentistry

Modern Family Dentistry in Chesapeake, Virginia

General Dentistry in Chesapeake, VA

Any dental office will deliver general dentistry services to patients who require them. What sets Modern Family Dentistry apart from the average dental practice is our commitment to our patient’s care and comfort. It’s what makes us proud to be your general dentistry provider in Chesapeake, VA.

From the moment you cross the threshold into our office, you’ll notice the warm, friendly atmosphere created by staff who really care about the people they serve.

Our office in Chesapeake provides you with all the general dentistry services and procedures that you need to achieve and maintain your best oral health, including:

While it is one of the more treatable cancers, oral cancer goes undetected in thousands of people annually due to a lack of screening. Around 20% of the general population undergoes cancer screenings at their dentist’s office. The mortality rate for oral cancers is higher than necessary because they usually aren’t discovered until they have already reached the later stages of development.

Oral cancers often go unrecognized in their early stages because they don’t produce pain or symptoms that would signal a problem. The majority of oral cancers are squamous cell carcinomas. While you may not be able to identify an issue, the team of general dentistry experts at Modern Family Dentistry in Chesapeake knows exactly what to look for.

When you have a comprehensive oral exam with us, we screen for oral cancers. This painless general dentistry procedure that can be completed in our Chesapeake office only takes a few minutes, but it could save your life.

Identify Mouth Cancer Early with General Dentistry in Chesapeake, VA

Oral cancers are not as well publicized as other cancers such as breast cancer or skin cancer, yet every hour, 24 hours a day, roughly one person dies from oral cancer. This is not because the cancer is difficult to detect or diagnose. Most oral cancers are detectable in the early stages, unfortunately, early screening is not the rule. And many cases are not discovered until cancer has spread to another part of the body.

Watch for any lesions in the mouth or red or white patches that do not heal within two weeks—these should be examined. Cancers can start out appearing like canker sores. Make sure to have any lumps or nodules around your tongue, neck, or cheeks examined.

Your oral health is of the utmost importance. At Modern Family Dentistry, we have the expertise to accurately detect the early onset of oral cancers. Our dental team takes oral cancer seriously, and we screen each patient regularly. You will be among the 20% who have regular cancer screenings when you become our patient. Contact us today for your oral cancer screening.

The idea of getting a root canal causes the average person to cringe with anxiety. However, root canal therapy (RCT) is often the only way to save a badly infected tooth from extraction. You may think pulling the tooth would be the best option, particularly if you are experiencing extreme discomfort. But if the tooth is at all salvageable with general dentistry, it is always best to keep your natural teeth intact.

RCT is a general dentistry procedure performed at Modern Family Dentistry in Chesapeake. It involves cleaning out the affected tooth and removing the nerve. Special instruments are used to clean out the root of the tooth where the nerve is dying. It’s the involvement of the nerve that leads to the severe pain experienced. Decay is most often the cause of RCT. A tooth that has been broken or cracked to the extent that the nerve is exposed may also be a candidate for RCT depending on how extensive the damage or crack might be.

When decay is the cause of the problem, bacteria has gotten into the root chamber and attacked the nerve of the tooth. The body’s natural defenses kick in and fight the bacteria. This battle produces toxins that lead to swelling. If the toxins get into the bloodstream, serious complications may develop. Treating the infection with antibiotics may be necessary.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

An infected tooth can cause extreme pain and discomfort. Pain may be throbbing or shooting, sharp or dull, or any combination. It can feel impossible to bite down on the tooth. RCT offers relief. When the nerve of the tooth is removed, there is no feeling left in the tooth. The root canal is thoroughly cleaned out, and a special filling is placed in the canal and sealed off, so bacteria cannot reenter the site. The remainder of the tooth is filled with composite or another filling material.

Since the nerve has been removed, it’s often suggested that the tooth be crowned to provide strength and stability. Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy are no longer nourished by the body, so they can become brittle. A dental crown provides protection and strength.

If you are experiencing the pain and discomfort of an infected tooth, Modern Family Dentistry has emergency appointments available. We can ease your pain and possibly save your tooth with RCT. Contact us to make your appointment and bring your suffering to an end.

Are you waking up with headaches and feeling tired and unrested in the morning? Is your partner constantly telling you to breathe or be quiet through the night? If you’re experiencing either of these, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder can be as uncomfortable for the person you sleep with as it is for you. Imagine lying next to someone and waiting for them to take their next breath, and never knowing how soon or how long that next breath is going to take.

This is what life is like for a person suffering from sleep apnea. One moment, or as long as a minute, you stop breathing while you’re sleeping. It may happen a few times during the night, or it could happen hundreds of times. The end result is you wake up feeling tired and unrested. If you do not sleep alone, your partner may be experiencing a bad night’s sleep as well, anticipating your next breath.

Sleep apnea does not always cause you to wake from your sleep. People can maintain a certain level of sleep even though they have erratic breathing through the night. If your partner is complaining about loud snoring or nudges you throughout the night to get you to take that next breath, it’s time for you to get your problem diagnosed.

Treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. A sleep study may be required to determine the extent of your problem. With a thorough exam in our Chesapeake office, a proper general dental treatment plan can be devised to bring you the relief you deserve. Some people need an oral appliance to keep their airway open during sleep, while more severe cases may require a positive airway pressure device.

Modern Family Dentistry is dedicated to the well-being and ideal oral health of each of our patients. Our Chesapeake general dentistry practice is built on the belief that the prevention of oral issues is foundational to good health. Sometimes prevention entails averting a bad situation to keep it from becoming worse. Such is the case with tooth extractions.

The idea of extracting a tooth may make the procedure seem painful; however, the best general dentists, like Modern Family Dentistry in Chesapeake, make your comfort one of our main priorities. We ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable for the procedure and we perform it with as little discomfort as possible. You may feel pressure as the tooth is being removed; however, we prevent you from feeling pain.

Most extractions are routine and only take a few minutes when there are no complications. Anterior teeth have one root, making them the easiest to remove. Back teeth, or molars, have up to 4 roots in some cases and may require more time. If a tooth breaks during extraction, additional effort is needed to ensure all pieces of the tooth are removed.

Damaged Tooth Removal

There are several reasons for extracting a tooth. Keep in mind that extraction is carried out only when necessary, as it is not always the best choice. Extensive dental decay is one of the most common reasons for extraction. When a tooth is so badly diseased that its structure is no longer viable and there is not enough solid structure to use for restoration, it needs to be removed.

When a tooth is damaged due to trauma or decay to the point where the crown of the tooth is very delicate or missing, extraction may be more complicated. If this is your situation, your dentist will explain to you how the procedure will be performed to ensure that the tooth is completely removed.

Tooth extraction is considered minor surgery and is a general dentistry service performed right in our Chesapeake office for your convenience. You will be given instructions regarding appropriate home care following the removal of your tooth. Follow the instructions as given in order to prevent complications during healing. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Contact Modern Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation regarding tooth extraction. One of our goals is to help you reduce your anxiety while you are with us. We know how to put people at ease, and our chairside manner helps you feel relaxed and secure, knowing you are receiving the best in patient-centered care.

Millions of Americans suffer from halitosis, and many of them are unaware of their problem. There are a variety of reasons why one’s breath may be malodorous (unpleasant-smelling). One of the major reasons is poor oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing teeth properly is critical to good oral hygiene. When that is not the case, the oral bacteria responsible for bad breath are allowed to proliferate.

Treatment for halitosis begins with finding the source. When oral hygiene is the culprit, the unpleasant odor comes from the breakdown of proteins in the mouth. The back of the tongue is where volatile sulfur compounds accumulate. These compounds are the by-products produced from the breakdown of proteins. Proper oral hygiene and learning how to brush and cleanse your tongue should eliminate the problem.

Poor oral hygiene is not the only reason a person may have bad breath. There are other causes. Decayed teeth will also lead to bad breath. Having the decay removed and filling the tooth will take care of the problem. Sometimes a tooth that is badly decayed will need root canal therapy or extraction. Gingivitis or gum disease can also cause problems with mouth odors. This stems from infection. Having your gums treated and your teeth thoroughly cleaned will eliminate the unpleasant smell. Special toothpaste or mouthwash may be advised or prescribed to help promote the healing of infected gums.

Not all sources of halitosis stem from dental issues. If your mouth is in good condition but your breath still smells bad, you may have a gastric issue. In this case, you would need to be seen by your physician and examined for causes other than dental for your halitosis.

Regardless of the source, finding out what is causing your breath odor and having the issue handled properly is the healthy solution. Ignoring it and relying on breath mints is neither healthy nor productive. Are you in Tidewater, Hampton Roads, or Chesapeake? Contact us for your general dentistry needs today, and let us help you find the source of your halitosis and remedy the situation.

Allowing gum disease to advance to its later stages compromises more than just your oral health. The earlier you visit Modern Family Dentistry in Chesapeake for an exam, the less likely you will lose teeth and have general health consequences. Periodontal therapy is required when gingivitis passes from an early-stage infection into more serious complications. The type of therapy required depends on the extent of the disease.

All treatments will begin with a thorough cleaning of the teeth and gums. Gum disease is the result of inadequate removal of bacteria, tartar buildup, and food debris. Meticulous cleaning of the teeth and gums is required to set the stage for healing. Damaged or badly infected tissues may need to be removed.

Gum Infection Treatment

Infections can be managed with antibiotics. They may be used directly in the gums of the affected areas, or in more severe circumstances, oral antibiotics may be prescribed to extinguish the infection. When placed in the gums, the antibiotic is released over time. This constant flooding of antibiotics should eventually clear up the infection.

Scaling and Root Planing

Special dental instruments are used to get deep down into the pockets produced by gum disease. These pockets are of varying depths around the teeth, so food debris as well as plaque and tartar, need to be completely cleaned from these areas. Once these spaces are cleaned, the root of each tooth needs to be prepared so the gums can reattach.

Gums need a smooth surface to adhere to. This means that the tooth roots need to be smoothed. The procedure of root planing smooths each root surface so the gums will heal and attach properly to the teeth again.

Ignoring periodontal disease can lead to the loss of teeth. More importantly, it can also lead to a loss of general health and contribute to major health problems like cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Protect your health and general well-being by contacting your home for general dentistry in Chesapeake to treat your periodontal disease.

When you have a dental emergency or an urgent dental care need, you don’t want to spend time trying to find a dental office that can accommodate you. Modern Family Dentistry offers same-day dentistry. Along with our dental emergency care, we reserve time slots for patients who need to be seen today for dental treatment.

Are you experiencing some type of dental problem that needs to be addressed right away? Give our Chesapeake general dentistry experts a call. Our same-day dental slots do not necessarily require that you be in dire pain or experiencing some type of dental trauma. We understand there are patients whose schedules or lifestyles may not allow for appointments that are scheduled in advance. Busy schedules, being on-call, constant travel or a host of other factors can make it nearly impossible for some people to feel comfortable with appointments scheduled days or weeks in the future.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

At Modern Family Dentistry, we allow for same-day appointments; however, those time slots are limited. While we do our best to accommodate patients needing to be seen today, please understand that on any given day those time slots may be full. In such a case, we will make sure you are given the next available open slot, and we would be happy to keep your information accessible should a cancellation arise.

We want to provide our patients with the best possible general dentistry experience in Chesapeake, Tidewater, or Hampton Roads, VA. Part of that commitment means being accessible when needed. If you are experiencing a dental emergency or urgent dental need, or if you just need to have your dental issues addressed today, please give us a call, so we can make an appointment to see you.

Dental emergency patients are always encouraged to give us a call for gentle, compassionate care; patients not experiencing trauma but in need of an appointment today will receive the same considerate care. So, contact Midgette Family Dentistry, your general dentist in Chesapeake, Virginia, now to find out if we have a slot available to see you today.

Get jaw and facial pain relief!

Your upper and lower jaws are connected by the temporomandibular joint. This hinge allows for the movement of your jaw. It regulates both the up-and-down motions used in speaking and chewing, as well as side-to-side movements.

Problems with this joint can lead to pain and headaches. If the muscles of the temporomandibular joint are overtaxed or irritated, you will experience discomfort of some type. When you have pain that originates from the muscles in this joint, you are experiencing what is known as TMJ or TMD, temporomandibular joint disorder.

The treatment for TMJ/TMD depends on the severity of the problem. Some cases require the patient to learn certain exercises to release the stress the muscles are undergoing. Other instances of the disorder will need more extensive dental treatment. Diagnosing the extent of the problem with testing will reveal the most advantageous treatment route. Your general dentistry specialist in Chesapeake will discuss options with you and get you on the road to pain-free living again.

Discomfort from TMJ/TMD can manifest in a variety of ways. The most common are the headaches experienced. In fact, 15% of the general population is plagued with headaches associated with TMJ/TMD. The pain can come and go, or it can be constant. Many times, the pain will stop on its own without an intervention of any type. For some people, the discomfort persists and can involve the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Proper diagnosis and treatment of TMJ/TMD will relieve the pain you are experiencing. Medication may be prescribed to help manage the discomfort, along with exercises. Finding the cause of the strain on the joint helps determine the best course of action. Clenching your teeth and bruxism are often the originators of TMJ/TMD discomfort. Night guards can eliminate that problem and thus provide relief.

If your life is made miserable by headache pain and over-the-counter medications do not seem to help, contact Modern Family Dentistry in Chesapeake for your general dentistry appointment. Through testing, we will find out if TMJ/TMD is the cause of your discomfort. If it is, we will create a treatment plan that will bring you relief.

Implants are artificial teeth that are secured firmly in your jaw. Implants are revolutionary because they provide a permanent solution for replacing lost teeth. In the past, dentists have had to recommend that their patients seek a removable partial or full denture instead of an implant.

Dental implants are man-made replacement teeth that can be paired with a dental crown or even dentures and function and appear just like natural teeth. They are a great way to replace teeth that have been lost due to disease, trauma, or decay. They are a long-lasting solution to replace teeth that no longer function, but they also help bring back confidence in your smile.

Every night when they check on their little sleeping angels, millions of parents across America listen to the irksome noise of their child’s grinding teeth. Fortunately for most of these kids, the grinding will eventually stop. For eight percent of the adult population, according to the National Sleep Foundation, teeth grinding may not end. If you are one of those people, Modern Family Dentistry of Chesapeake, VA, can help.

Custom-made night guards protect your teeth and help curb bruxism. These devices prevent upper and lower teeth from making contact. Some night guards are created from acrylic, while others are molded out of soft plastic and provide cushioning for the teeth.

Occasional grinding of the teeth is not an issue in most cases. However, chronic bruxism and clenching can lead to a host of problems. Treating bruxism can save you the expense and discomfort of further problems if left untreated. The first step is to identify bruxism as the problem. Once it is diagnosed, then a proper remedy can be offered. Since children usually outgrow the habit, they seldom need treatment.

Factors Associated with Sleep Bruxism

While the jury is still out on the root causes of bruxism, there are several factors that seem to cause it. The most common of these are stress and anxiety. Fatigue is often a factor as well. Stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, cigarette smoking and some medications also seem to contribute to the problem. Other factors include sleep conditions, such as sleep apnea and snoring.

Grinding your teeth at night not only interrupts the sleep of your partner, but can also lead to jaw pain, cracked or broken teeth, and general discomfort if your sleep is interrupted. Let the dental experts at Modern Family Dentistry find the right solution to your bruxism, so you can rest easy. Contact our Chesapeake office today to schedule an appointment for your general dentistry needs.

We will create a treatment plan that will improve your sleep and help you feel much better. For those who grind their teeth while sleeping, your new custom-made night guard will protect your teeth from the damage that grinding can cause and help everyone get a decent night’s sleep.

Sleeping well is necessary for good health; don’t let teeth grinding prevent you from getting the restful sleep you need. Make an appointment with Modern Family Dentistry—your general dentistry office in Chesapeake, VA—to find out how we can help.

Teeth are designed to endure literally tons of pressure. A tooth in good condition can tolerate as much as 168 pounds of pressure. In fact, scientists have calculated total bite pressure per square inch to be upwards of 5600 pounds. Despite the incredible strength of natural teeth, sometimes the integrity of a tooth becomes compromised, and it breaks or cracks without general dental treatment.

When a tooth is damaged beyond what a dental filling can repair, a dental crown can be used to effectively compensate for the lost strength and protect it from further damage. Dental crowns are also used when a tooth has been weakened due to decay or root canal therapy. The crown serves as a “cap” for the treated tooth, covering all visible surfaces. Fortunately, dental crowns can be customized in size, shape, and color to blend seamlessly within your smile.

CEREC One-Visit Dentistry

At Modern Family Dentistry, your Chesapeake-based general dentistry office, we stay at the forefront of our field. We have invested in the latest dental technologies and equipment in order to provide a superior level of care to our patients. When it comes to dental crowns, we proudly use CEREC technology to deliver long-lasting restorations during a single visit. Instead of enduring a messy impression at your initial visit and wearing a subpar temporary crown until your next appointment, we can streamline the entire process in just one day.

The CEREC system is state-of-the-art; it relies on advanced CAD/CAM technology, computer software and an automated milling machine that uses precise digital images of your teeth to fabricate a permanent custom crown in minutes. Before you leave the office, we will fit you with your permanent crown or other restoration. There’s no need for multiple trips back to the dental office. Not only is the quality of your dental restoration unrivaled, but your time and comfort are highly respected in the process.

Dental Inlays and Onlays

While a dental crown covers the entire top of the tooth from the gum line up, such extensive coverage is not always necessary. Sometimes only part of the tooth needs to be protected in this manner. When this is the situation, a dental onlay or inlay may be used instead of a full crown. Onlays are sometimes called partial crowns because they cover a large portion of the tooth, but not the entire tooth. Inlays are used to fill in large cavities between the cusps of a tooth. Inlays and onlays are frequently used on molars when a full crown is not necessary.

At Modern Family Dentistry, we use revolutionary CEREC technology to make beautiful crowns, inlays, onlays and other restorations that are needed to protect and strengthen weakened teeth. If you have a cracked or damaged tooth or one that has undergone root canal therapy, we’ve got a convenient and highly preferred solution for you. Contact us today and learn more about Same-Day Crowns at our Chesapeake general dentistry office.

When you are facing unbearable toothache or jaw pain, you may consider going to the nearest hospital emergency room for help to get the discomfort under control. Most of the time, what you will experience is a long, impersonal wait time. The best they can do is give you pain medication and advise you to see your dentist as soon as possible.

Skip the go-between and give Midgette Family Dentistry a call, where high-quality emergency dentistry is delivered skillfully and compassionately. We welcome emergency dental care patients, and understand the discomfort you’re in, and will make sure you receive personal, attentive care. You will experience our gentle chairside manner as we examine you to find the cause of your discomfort. Once it is discovered, we go to work to eliminate the pain and its source with dental treatment.

When you need urgent dental care, why go to a hospital that may not be equipped or staffed to adequately handle your situation? A dental office is the best place and should be the first place you bring your dental emergency. We are equipped and staffed to handle all manner of dental urgent care needs. If you have an infected tooth that requires immediate attention, a broken tooth that needs repair, or a broken denture or partial that needs to be put back together, we are here for you.

Midgette Family Dentistry has time scheduled each day for dental emergency patients. When dental pain takes you by surprise and you need immediate assistance to alleviate it, contact us. Relax in our warm and inviting atmosphere while we attend to your dental needs. Our friendly and compassionate staff will have you feeling better right away.

Join Our Dental Family

We look forward to serving Chesapeake patients with the highest level of quality general dental care. Our expertise and compassion make your visit relaxing and comfortable, no matter what procedure you may be undergoing. We are committed to providing each patient with the best experience possible and helping you achieve your oral health care goals and the smile you desire.

Your oral health is closely linked to your general well-being. Taking care of your teeth and gums is the gateway to better health overall. We will help you maintain your highest level of oral health by providing you with the guidance and instructions you need to keep your mouth in good condition. Join our dental family and keep your smile as beautiful and healthy as it can be. Contact Modern Family Dentistry in Chesapeake today to schedule your general dentistry appointment.

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