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Pediatric Dentistry

Modern Family Dentistry in Chesapeake, Virginia

Help Your Child Love the Dentist

Many people cite their early encounters with the dentist as the reason they stay far away from them. The dental team at Modern Family Dentistry realizes the impact first impressions can have on kids, so we provide a kid-friendly atmosphere along with a kind, gentle chairside manner that puts children at ease.

Your child’s early visits with the dentist lay the foundation for their future oral health. It is important that a warm, positive relationship be established in the very beginning so your child will enjoy getting regular checkups and will be enthusiastic about maintaining good oral health. Our staff has the expertise to make that happen.

From the moment they are born, we care for your children’s smiles. From toothless smiles to first toothbrushes, we want your children to grow up with healthy, beautiful teeth. We offer a variety of services, including regular cleanings and checkups, cavity prevention, and the treatment of toothaches and other dental emergencies. We are committed to your children’s oral health and well-being.

Children’s Dentistry in Chesapeake, VA

The best way to start teaching children about good oral hygiene is by modeling good habits yourself. Help them brush their teeth after every meal and talk to them about the importance of good oral hygiene, including the importance of flossing between their teeth and encouraging them to use fluoride toothpaste before bed—being careful not to swallow the toothpaste.

If you notice your child is brushing too lightly or not at all, we can help you with steps that can be taken to improve their oral health.

Good oral health starts with good oral hygiene. Teaching children about proper oral hygiene from a young age can help them develop good habits that will last a lifetime. Our dentists are available to answer any questions you and your children have about oral hygiene and can help you develop a plan to keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy.

Best Pediatric Dentist in Chesapeake, VA

There is something special about the bright smiles and cheerful laughter kids bring to the world. We want to keep those smiles healthy and bright. We love hearing the laughter as they learn about good oral health through entertaining dental education tools.

Learning how to take good care of your teeth and gums does not need to be dull and boring. We make it fun!

In our Chesapeake area dentistry practice, we enjoy taking the extra time to get to know kids and we give them time to get to know us a little better, too. Building a relationship with your child is an important part of their dental care. It puts the child at ease and builds trust. Kids want to know what’s going to happen when they come in for a dental procedure. We explain it to them in terms they can easily understand, so they can feel comfortable.

A dentistry office like Modern Family Dentistry in Chesapeake works in close collaboration with parents to teach children good dental habits that can last a lifetime—helping reduce the number of trips to the dentist that are necessary in later life.

Keep your child’s smile looking nice for life with regular dental checkups and cleanings at Modern Family Dentistry. Contact us to make your child’s pediatric dentistry appointment today. For the convenience of our larger families, we offer family scheduling in our Chesapeake, VA, office.

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“My family of six has gone to Midgette Family Dentistry for nearly 20 years. They’re absolutely fantastic! We’ve never had a less than pleasurable experience. Highly recommended!”

Michael Cromartie

“As usual, everyone was pleasant and professional from the time I entered the front door until I left. Fabulous office. My wife switched to this practice and she has the same experience. Great dentistry!”

Michael Bono

“Best dental office around, love my hygienist, and all the office staff and Dr’s here! They take good care of my kids too. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!”

Leslie Allen

“A little over two years ago I had to switch from Dr. Midgette’s Dentistry due to an insurance change. Recently I was able to obtain coverage that listed Dr. Midgette as an approved provider. It feels sooo good to be back home!”

Wenda Massey

“Friendly staff and great service. They do a great job of explaining what needs to be done and mapping out a plan of attack that fits you.”

Leonard Thurman
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