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Confucius once said, “Behind every smile there are teeth.” Studies show that the color of one’s teeth plays a significant role in a person’s life: physically, psychologically, socially, personally and even professionally. Pearly white teeth symbolize youthfulness and beauty, whereas stained teeth project poor oral health or hygiene and signs of aging.

Tooth whitening nowadays is a trend in dental cosmetics. From the primitive ways of using hydrogen peroxide as a solution to whiten teeth to the use of modern lasers for a faster whitening solution.

What is Laser teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening Comparison

Laser teeth whitening is a procedure that is making use of a laser or light to brighten and whiten your teeth faster. It is also called power whitening and is usually done by dental appointments.

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How is it done?

Your dentist will need a thorough assessment to verify if you fit for the procedure. It usually takes an hour to finish the session.  

The dentist will clean your teeth making sure that cavities receive proper treatment. The teeth are then filled because the whitening product might permeate the interior of your tooth. Hypersensitive people are given special considerations: Dentist may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to counter hypersensitivity effects when exposed to the whitening product.

Gums will be protected using a rubber dam to put over your teeth. Your teeth will then be dyed with a layer of a bleaching product. The laser or light will then be shone on the teeth. The reaction causes the mineral accelerant of the bleaching product to be activated. It transfigures the whitening product into oxygen covering the tooth’s enamel allowing it to penetrate even the tooth’s lower levels thus leading to whiter teeth.

After the treatment, people may experience temporary discomforts in their gums or teeth, hypersensitivity to cold, sore throat, etc. which may subside within a few days. If the symptoms worsen and continue, a trip to your dentist is a must.

The effects are not permanent, it usually lasts for six months or as long as years. Tobacco use, smoking, beverages like coffee, soda and teas and some foods can re-stain your teeth. You might want to schedule a follow-up whitening session to counter this.

In today’s world, where everything is fast-paced, speed is an advantage. With laser treatments, people will experience a quick fix and treatment for their stained teeth.

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